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Coffee of the Month : Costa Rica Helsar Zarcero

Bright, pronounced acidity with flavours of caramel butter when it is hot, and as it cools, the acidity becomes brighter and exposes more maple, strawberry, and dark chocolate flavours in the cup. This is an extremely well balanced coffee from the micro-mills of Costa Rica. We try not to use the word “acidity” too much, as this is often taken the wrong way when describing coffee. Some think of acid as something negative, or sour. However acidity is one of the most important aspects in the judging and purchasing of all coffees. The term refers to how the coffee behaves in your mouth. Not how it feels (mouthfeel), but how does it act? Does it act like an orange, or an apple, or grapes? Does it act vaguely like this (low acidity) or is there a lot of action on your palate (high acidity). This coffee has a pronounced apple/ citric acidity which truly sets it apart from others

We have cold drip!

Cold Brewed coffee is natural sweeter due to its low acidity & biterness this is due to the fact it never comes into contact with heated water, the process is linked to the art of the japanese tea ceremony this produces a different flavour. The Kyoto style apparatus looks like a science project which take over twelve hours to produce just on 2.5 litres. We use single origin coffees so you can pick up the subtleties & flavour variences of each region the coffee comes from.